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We are an actual brick and mortar agency located on Long Island, New York and we are always available to answer your questions. Here are some of the most popular questions we receive;
What does the broadcast license cover?
The license covers the use of all audio productions for telephonic broadcast only! The voice recordings and/or on-hold productions cannot be used for Radio, TV, Video, Podcast Audio or any other form of media other than telephonic broadcast. If you’re interested in using audio for any other form of media, simply contact us. We welcome your call to establish the license appropriate for your audio usage.
Can I build a library of messages and use PVR to store and access them from anywhere?
Yes. Ordering new recordings, reviewing previous scripts, listening to previous productions, researching outstanding invoices, and more are all available 24/7.
What makes your recordings premium?
We only work with nationally credited voice announcers. Every recording is produced in a state of the art studio using top-tier equipment and experienced on-hold producers. They are responsible for meticulous editing including deleting breaths, music structuring, volume ramps, mastering and formatting. Our music, it has been curated by seasoned producers who understand the on-hold environment. Some music just doesn’t work on-hold. We curate music that will compliment any on-hold experience.
Do I own this audio?
No. You own a broadcast license limited to use in the telephonic environment only. All audio provided by PVR shall not be used in any other medium including TV, Radio, Video, Web, etc. If you require recordings for these mediums we would love to hear from you. Please call us today and we will get you what you need legally.
Are there any monthly fees?
No. You will receive a master buyout license associated to your account which legally indemnifies you from any 3rd party seeking infringement for the use of either the on-hold productions and/or premium voice recordings.
How long will it take to create my files?
3-5 days with no additional charge. Within an hour or guaranteed next day delivery are also available for an additional fee